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Glassware (RANKEM)

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Welcome to the RANKEM Scientific Glassware listing, offering more than 400 scientific glassware products. This catalogue is our earnest effort to enhance our services to the Indian scientific fraternity.

Quality is the pivot for any chemical analysis, it has been ensured that all RANKEM Class 'A' Glassware products meet stringent specifications of accuracy and precision.


RANKEM is committed to keep the customer at the core of all product introductions, advancements in providing excellent value for money
  • Volumetric Glassware
  • Interchangeable Glassware
  • Laboratory Glassware
  • Condensers /Assemblies

RANKEM remains committed to enrich its product portfolio with quality products to meet the needs of valued customers.

RANKEM Scientific Glassware products can be procured through our country wide Network of authorised distributors. A dedicated team of Marketing Executives will be in contact, to address queries and service your needs.